What to Do About a Water Line Leak

Leaking water lines can become a homeowner’s nightmare. But they don’t have to be. Knowing what causes water lines to leak can help you prevent leaks before they happen. However, there is still a possibility that you could have a leaking water line at some point. Knowing what to do when your water lines leak can help ease some of the stress that comes with repairing a leaking water line.

What Can Cause a Water Line Leak?

There are many different reasons a water line may begin to leak. Some things will be easier for you to catch and manage than others. These are a few causes of water line leaks:

-Normal Wear and Tear

Water lines are only made to last a certain amount of time and factors like hard water and excessive water pressure can shorten the life of your pipes.

-Extreme Temperatures

The ground freezing and thawing can damage your underground water lines. If you live in an area with extreme winters, the water in your pipes can also freeze which could lead to bursting water lines.

-Damage from Outside Sources

Tree roots and rodents can cause damage to your water lines that you may not notice until its too late and you already have a leaking water line.

-Loose Fixtures

Often, a leaking water line is caused by either a loose fitting or a joint that is not properly sealed.

Knowing the common causes of water line leaks will help you take the necessary steps to prevent water line leaks before they start.

How to Prevent Water Line Leaks

You can lengthen the life of your water lines by installing a water softener which can help prevent the buildup of calcium and magnesium in your water lines. You should also monitor your water pressure to make sure it is not above 60 PSI.

You cannot prevent extreme temperatures but you can take steps to prevent your water lines from freezing. Spickets that are outside can be drained so there is no water left in them and pipes inside your garage and basement can be insulated to protect them from freezing temperatures. 

Maintaining your yard is an important step in ensuring you don’t have tree roots growing into your water lines. You should also be watching for signs of gophers and moles so you can treat the pest problem before they damage your water lines.

Loose fixtures are the most preventable cause of water line leaks. You should inspect your water lines and tighten any loose fittings regularly.

What to Do About Water Line Leaks
Sometimes you will have a water line leak even after taking steps to prevent it. While you are waiting for a plumber you should shut off the water supply to the pipe that is leaking and make sure the water line is completely empty. Then you should clean up the water and dry the water line. Some water lines can be repaired instead of replaced which could save you a lot of money.