Targeting the Right Audience: How to Refine Your Direct Mail Services’ Strategy

Direct mail is a phenomenal marketing tool that boasts an excellent ROI, offers a wide range of customization options, and works well as a part of a multi-channel marketing strategy. However, your direct mail campaign is only going to be as good as the research and effort that is put into it. One of the most important parts of building a direct mail campaign is targeting the correct audience. This can be a difficult task, especially for new businesses without a solid existing customer base. However, by working with a reputable direct mail service provider and using our tips below, you can hone in on the audience that really wants your products or services.

Build an Ideal Customer Profile

The first step in finding the best audience for your direct mail campaign is to build a profile of your ideal customer. For businesses with existing customer data, this step may not be too hard. Find your past customers who have purchased the most from you, and build an ideal customer profile using their combined demographic information. You’ll probably see some trends in customer demographics while doing this, such as that your highest spenders may all be in the same age range, a certain gender, or live in a certain area. These little tidbits are invaluable when you’re trying to visualize the type of customer you want to target with your campaign.

Set Clear Campaign Goals

Next, write down 3-5 clear, concise campaign goals. Do you want recipients of your direct mail campaign to call you, visit your website, or scan a QR code on the mailer? Have you determined your desired ROI for the campaign? Do you want to gain a certain number of new customers from the campaign? All of these questions can help you build your campaign goals.

Create a Mailing List

After you’ve built your ideal customer profile and set your campaign goals, it’s time to decide to whom you’ll be sending your direct mail campaign. For campaigns offering deals or discounts to past customers, compiling an internal list using existing customer data is the best bet. If you want to target a specific demographic based on your ideal customer profile, consider purchasing a compiled list from a reputable mailing list provider. Compiled lists can focus on specific geographic areas, households with people in certain age ranges, people with relevant interests or hobbies, and more. Start out with as extensive a list as your budget allows, then refine the list at set intervals based on campaign responses and interactions.

Personalize the Message

Finally, now that you’ve got the list of people to receive your direct mail campaign, it’s time to create the message. This is the most important part of your campaign, since the quality of your campaign design can be the difference between a stellar ROI or disappointment, and personalization needs to be high on your priority list during this step. Why? Because 88% of U.S. marketers report measurable campaign improvement when using personalization, with more than half reporting a stat lift of 10% or more, so there’s no doubt that taking the time to personalize your direct mail campaign is a worthwhile endeavor. To do so, pull data from various internal and publicly-available sources. Use imagery and wording that relates to the recipient’s interests, location, age, etc. using services like Variable Data Printing. Make sure the mail piece conveys consistent branding, isn’t overcrowded or clunky, and makes them feel like someone sat down and wrote out the message specifically for them. Pro tip: use personalized QR codes or personalized URLs (PURLs) to give the recipient an even more distinctive experience while also bolstering your analytics tracking abilities.

Measure & Refine

Once you’ve sent your direct mail campaign to its intended recipients, it’s time to start measuring results and refining the process. You’ll probably start receiving measurable data almost immediately, especially if you incorporate digital elements like QR codes, PURLs, or other links into the campaign. Consult with an experienced marketing analytics professional who can guide you through what all the numbers mean and how to use them to enhance your ideal customer profile, adjust campaign goals, and really focus on the leads that will bring in sales.

Don’t Take Shots in the Dark…Target & Refine for Superb Direct Mail Campaign Results

With all the data and information that’s available out there these days, there’s no reason to go into a direct mail campaign blindly. Instead, be strategic with your campaign plan by creating an ideal customer and then marketing directly to their preferences. This will help you meet your campaign goals while reducing resource waste from sending mail to uninterested or disengaged parties, guarding your marketing budget and benefiting your bottom line. Once you’ve found your target audience “sweet spot”, focus your time, energy, and money on getting your message in front of as many people that meet your target demographic as possible. With some thoughtful planning, selective research, and determination to succeed, you can create a direct mail campaign that delivers responses, revenues, and repeat customers.

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