Talk to me release date, cast, and trailer

The Australian horror movie Talk to Me will have its worldwide premiere in 2023, and there are many exciting elements regarding the release. In the movie Talk to Me, Danny and Michael Philippou portray a group of teenagers who experiment with seances using an embalmed hand, only to discover that they have released a pure evil creature. Talk to Me is a 21st-century spin on a classic subject that employs realistic effects to elicit the maximum horrors, following in the footsteps of famous possession films like The Exorcist and The Evil Dead. Though the film began modestly, its worldwide distribution promises to make it an international blockbuster.

The first screening of Talk to Me took place in October 2022 at the Adelaide Film Festival, and the following year it went on to win big at the Sundance Film Festival. Talk to Me was made available to a wider audience in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom on July 28, 2023.

Early reviews for the film have been extremely good (via Rotten Tomatoes), with repeated acclaim given to the acting, directing, and Talk to Me’s reworking of familiar horror tropes. Despite the fact that Talk to Me appeared out of nowhere, it has the potential to re-establish Australia as a prime location for outstanding horror films.

What is the cast of Talk to me?

Talk to me cast

Every A24 horror film has a wide cast of well-known and new faces, and the ensemble in Talk to Me is no exception. While the majority of the cast members are young up-and-comers from Australia, the new horror film does include a few familiar faces. In addition to Miranda Otto (The Lord of the Rings), Sophie Wilde (Eden) stars as Mia, the young woman who first experiments with spirits. Alexandra Jensen (Beat) plays Jade, while Joe Bird (First Day) plays Riley.

Otis Dhanji plays Daniel in Aquaman, Zoe Terakes plays Hayley in Wentworth, Chris Alosio plays Joss in The Messenger, Marcus Johnson plays Max in The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee, and Alexandria Steffensen plays Rhea in How to Please a Woman. Though the majority of the cast is best known in their own country of Australia, the potential worldwide success of Talk to Me might help them broaden their horizons into new ventures. If the new horror film is a huge success, the cast will almost certainly start appearing in Hollywood movies and TV series.

When and Where Will Talk to Me Be Released?

talk to me release

Danny Philippou said on Instagram in January 2019 that he has co-written a screenplay with Michael Beck based on an idea by Daley Pearson for a horror film called Talk to Me. Phillipou announced on Instagram in July 2020 that Screen Australia had acquired the rights to provide financing for Talk to Me.

Phillipou announced in September 2020 that the final draft of the screenplay had been finished and that casting for the film was set to begin. Production was supposed to begin in early 2021 but was eventually delayed until 2022. Philippou said on March 5, 2022, that the first week of filming was over. The filming took place in Australia.

In order to capitalize on the scary season, the film, which is now only accessible in cinemas, will probably be made available online around Halloween.

Despite the absence of summer blockbusters, horror enthusiasts may still anticipate the release of Talk to Me in cinemas worldwide. The release date of Talk to Me is set for Friday, July 28, 2023.

Talk to me about movie 2023 streaming

At some point, the film will most likely be accessible to watch on Paramount+ with Showtime. Showtime has a terrific A24 horror library, which includes Ti West’s X and Pearl. Showtime subscriptions begin at $10.99 per month.