How to Brand Your Office Space to Reflect Your Company

Brand awareness is a key to your company’s success. Building a strong brand requires the efforts of management and employees. Branding your office reminds everyone of your company’s reputation, values, and products. Doing so is not a complicated or expensive process. You can tastefully show everyone your company spirit by branding your office space using the following tips.

1- Install a Wall Decal

Start with something simple. Wall decals are an excellent and affordable way to brand your space. Your corporate office may have these decals on hand, and a smaller company can easily order decals locally from a graphics company. They can add an interesting design element to your office and are easy to install. They are also easy to remove, which is important if you lease your space.

2- Use Customer-Centric Branding

Your customer branding and employee branding should be quite different. You are selling products or services to clients, so your colors, signage, and product placement should reflect that reality. Your employees should already have extensive product knowledge while your potential customers do not. As a result, your branding efforts should be more explanatory for consumers. Your employees’ branding may focus more on company values, teamwork initiatives, and inspirational messages.

3- Incorporate Company Colors

You can use your company logo colors to decorate your public areas in most cases. If your branding is mostly orange, you can settle for adding orange touches instead of painting the walls such a startling shade. Tastefully using these colors reminds consumers of your brand’s reputation without overwhelming them. You can also use the same color scheme for employee areas. Just make certain the design is professional and not “too much” for daily consumption.

4- Include Product Placement

If your company creates office furniture, this tip is an easy one to use. Simply place your products in customer areas and let them experience the items for themselves. A comfortable office chair sells itself. No matter what you manufacture and/or sell, you should be able to incorporate them into your branding design. This strategy is an effective way to increase your company’s visibility.

5- Hang Awards

Consumers need to know that your company is held in high esteem by the public and commercial sector. If you have won awards, make the plaques visible to consumers. You can follow this tip without overdoing it. If your company has won dozens of honors, rotate the plaques or frames so that only a few are visible at a time. Too many on the wall signal that you are trying too hard. Also, an award from 12 years ago shouldn’t be on display.

You need to sell your company to your customers and your staff through branding. You can simply use colorful and professional wall decals, company colors, or product placement to do so. None of these methods are costly, but they can make a difference in how consumers see your business. Also, they remind employees of your values and goals. Branding your office space should be a priority. Wall decals and murals can transform your office environment, making it more visually appealing and reinforcing your brand’s identity.