8 Key Reasons to Have Car Damage Repaired by Professionals

When your car is damaged, it can become a daunting task to weigh your options and find the ideal solution. Many drivers are unsure whether the damage is extensive enough to take their vehicle to a professional and may fail to undertake repairs. Here are 8 key reasons to have car damage repaired by professionals:

1: It Can Be Difficult to Assess the Damages

Modern cars are designed to deform and crumple up like a tin can even in low-speed impacts. It can be difficult to assess the full extent of damage after an accident without taking your vehicle to a professional repair shop.

Even small misalignments can compromise the safety of the vehicle and cause premature wear of mechanical parts. Furthermore, if the crumple zones were already deformed by an impact, they may not absorb a subsequent impact as well and can put the occupants at risk.

2: Rust Prevention

Most impacts damage the paint and open up the door for rust to take root. If you fail to bring your vehicle to a professional soon after the impact, it can lead to long-term corrosion issues. Rust is difficult to tame once it starts spreading, no matter how clean a repaired surface may appear to the naked eye.

3: Special Tools

It is unlikely that you will invest in the full array of special tools that are often required to repair auto body damage. Laser welders, frame pullers, welding equipment, power sanders, paint booths, and so much more are required to properly repair a vehicle after an accident.

4: Insurance Adjusters

Insurance adjusters often rely on professional assessments of what caused damage to a vehicle to insure and cover the costs of repairs. If you don’t take your vehicle to a professional, the adjusters may come to their own self-serving opinions of what caused an accident and leave you to foot the bill.

5: Warranty

If you don’t take your vehicle to a professional when it is damaged, you will never have the peace of mind that a warranty provides. A warranty frees you of surprise financial obligations that can bust your budget. Most warranties will cover the cost of replacing defective parts and resolve any issues if a repair is not performed properly.

6: Repairs Are Economical

It is generally much cheaper to repair a vehicle than to simply write it off as a loss and buy a new one. If your vehicle is not severely damaged, it only makes dollars and sense to have it repaired by a professional instead of junking it. If you decide to try repairing it yourself, you will likely just wind up wasting money because you don’t have access to the right materials or know the tricks of the trade.

7: Convenience

When you take your vehicle to a professional, you don’t have to waste your time sourcing out parts or paint to repair it yourself. If you have a busy work schedule, it may be impossible to make time for a big repair project.

8: Confidence

When you have your vehicle damage repaired by professionals, you can drive it with the confidence of knowing that it was repaired properly and will not cause an accident. Shoddy do-it-yourself repairs can put your life in danger if critical parts fail at an inopportune time.