6 Smart Ways a Lawyer Can Help You After a Spinal Injury

A spinal injury results in considerable pain and suffering, and it has long-term impacts on your quality of life, your ability to earn a living, your medical expenses, and more. From pursuing justice in the courtroom to setting up disability income, dealing with workplace drama, and more, the months and years following your accident can be filled with stress. Your personal injury lawyer will support you in a number of ways. What can your personal injury lawyer help you with?

1- Understand Your Rights

You may be in a hospital for several weeks or longer recuperating and adjusting after your injury. During this time, researching your legal rights may not take center stage. Your personal injury lawyer, however, can help you understand your rights under the law and assist with the process of pursuing justice in and out of the courtroom.

2- Negotiate a Settlement

When a business, an individual, or even the government is at fault for your spinal injury, you may be able to obtain appropriate compensation from a lawsuit. These crucial funds could cover your medical expenses, changes in income, and other financial effects of the event. Many lawsuits are settled outside the courtroom, and your personal injury attorney can expertly represent you to obtain a fair outcome.

3- Represent You in Court

Some personal injury lawsuits do proceed to the courtroom. Witnesses, expert testimony, medical records, and more can be used to build a strong case in your favor. With extensive experience trying personal injury cases, your skilled lawyer will present all relevant facts and fight against the defense’s claims.

4- Assist with Workplace Issues

Workplace rights are complicated. Some people affected by a spinal injury are unable to work at all, and others may need special accommodations made so that they can continue earning an income. Your attorney will represent your interests when dealing with your current employer or a new employer so that you can return to the workforce when you are ready to do so.

5- Deal with Insurance Companies

Depending on the circumstances of your accident, you may need to deal with auto insurance companies, homeowners insurance companies, and health insurance companies. Insurance companies aim to pay out the lowest amount possible on claims and may even deny claims based on false information. Claims proceeds can tally in the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars or more, and you need every dollar that you are entitled to in order to get the medical care and other services and support you need.

6- Fight for Fair Disability Income

Spinal injuries often result in disability, and you may qualify for disability income payments. However, filing for disability is a hassle. Once you get through the initial steps, you may be dismayed to learn that your full benefits have not been awarded. Your personal injury attorney can assist with the full disability application process and ensure that your claim is fairly processed.

After a spinal injury, your life can unexpectedly and significantly change, but you have protected legal rights and access to various levels of compensation and benefits. Your personal injury attorney will help you navigate through the rough waters ahead, so you should consult an attorney as soon as possible after your accident.