4 Reasons Why TV Advertising is Still Relevant Today

Although we live in the digital era where mobile phones and social media platforms have taken over, TV advertising is still relevant. Advertising on TV is a wonderful undertaking for a business that wants to increase its market share, sales revenue, and brand awareness. When done correctly, TV advertising can help a business reach many people and generate more leads. Below are a few reasons why TV advertising is still relevant today.

1. More People Spend Time Watching Television

TV advertising is still relevant today because more people spend a lot of time watching television. According to research, Americans spend at least three hours daily watching TV, making it a popular leisure activity in many households. Older people watch more television than younger individuals. About 64% of Americans spend more time watching network and cable television, whereas 22% spend time live streaming. Therefore, advertising on TV can reach many target customers. In fact, television advertising reaches more people than other traditional mediums, including radio and newspapers.

2. Television Has a Stronger Influence

Although all advertising mediums are influential, television boasts the most substantial impact. Consumers often search for products or services on the internet after seeing an ad on TV. The combination of audio and visual elements enables TV advertising to connect with people emotionally. In addition, advertising on TV allows the viewers to visualize how they can use a product or service in real life. The ads are also memorable and easy to relate to. As a result, creating a high-quality television campaign can help you reach and attract new customers who come across the advertisement.

3. Television Ads Get More Attention

TV advertising is incredible because the ads are more noticeable. Unlike digital mobile ads, which get about 30% visual attention because of distractions in the digital environment, TV ads on a full screen enjoy 71% attention. Instead of being put in the middle of social media pages where people can easily scroll over without noticing them, advertisements on television are usually aired gradually in succession. Furthermore, the ads can neither be skipped nor fast-forwarded. Overall, your ads will get more attention when aired on television, allowing them to promote your business to the intended audiences.

4. Televisions Ads Can Be Targeted

Another reason TV advertising is still relevant today is the fact that ads can be aired to your preferred audiences. Today, cable TV comes with multiple channels designed for various groups of people. This allows you to run your advertisements on the channels your target audiences watch the most. You can even put your advertisements on a local TV station if you want them broadcast to people in a particular location. Alternatively, you can put them on national or international TV stations if you are eyeing a larger population.

Airing ads on TV is an incredible type of advertising that will never run out of style and will be something that customers can easily recall. Many people love watching television regularly so it makes sense for companies to advertise on it. TV advertising also confers legitimacy and is cost-effective.