4 Developmental Milestones Kids Learn From the Monkey Bars

You watch your children, young and carefree, as they swing around on the monkey bars at the playground. It is one of their favorite activities, but is there a benefit to it? Find out four developmental milestones kids learn from playing on the monkey bars.

1. Sensory Development

Swinging around on monkey bars is good for children to learn where their bodies are positioned and how they move. It stimulates the vestibular system, which is important for spatial orientation and balance. Hanging upside down and swinging both help with the development of those senses.

2. Cognitive Development

Cognitive development is another thing that occurs when children are playing on the monkey bars. First, problem-solving skills are enhanced because kids have to determine the best strategy to get from one bar to the next. It’s boosting critical thinking, and figuring out how to get all the way across. Second, spatial awareness and spatial reasoning are triggered as kids determine how to move in the set amount of space between bars.

Another cognitive development achievement includes learning proper planning and development. Unlike some other activities on the playground, with monkey bars, if the planning and sequence aren’t done correctly, then the task won’t be successful. Kids have to master exactly how fast to swing and how far to reach at the exact right time to get through the equipment.

3. Physical Development

Of course, monkey bars are pretty high when it comes to physicality. Moving around this particular piece of equipment accomplishes several physical developments, including gross motor skills like strength and coordination. Also, upper body strength is a big development as children must hold their entire body weight using only their arms.

Next, core strength is developed from hanging and moving from bar to bar. Hand-eye coordination is enhanced as the child watches for the next bar and determines when it is the right time to reach for it. Grip strength is another major physical development, as hanging onto the bars requires a decent amount of muscle. Finally, balance and stability are improved while maneuvering through the bars.

4. Social and Emotional Development

When children successfully master the monkey bars, it gives them a feeling of self-confidence and self-worth. It’s always a great way to teach kids perseverance because they’re not likely to get it done on the first try. They will have to become resilient and keep working on the activity until it’s accomplished.

In addition, while they’re out playing, they’ll run into other children. That’s where they will learn how to take turns on the monkey bars and how to communicate with the other kids.

As you watch your kids play and hear the sounds of joy and excitement as they swing around on the playground monkey bars, you know that there are many benefits to what’s happening. Not only are they getting physical activity and having a good time, but they’re also developing. Relax, knowing that when you head to the park, it’s one activity that’s both fun and helpful to your child’s growth.